Import By Group NOT working

Started by fixate, November 12, 2013, 11:52:02 PM

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I'm trying to import an Alias 2013 wire file into Keyshot 4.2.35 on Mac OS X.

Just once earlier this evening I was able to import an Alias file grouped by OBJECT successfully.
The objects came over to Keyshot with names and node structure intact.
A thing of beauty.

Every attempt to import or open an Alias wire file since has been unsuccessful.
No matter which import option (Group by Object, Layer, or Shader) I choose the file(s) will only open grouped by shader.
If I choose to "open" the file (rather than import) the import option for shader will group by layer (go figure) and all other options will simply group by shader.

Has anyone been able to get consistent results with Alias Wire > Group by Object imports?
The feature would be a life saver if it worked consistently.

Off to assign unique shaders to every component in my file...


...And the same file imports perfectly into Keyshot 4.1 on Windows!

Chad Holton

Thanks for the feedback - this has been fixed on the next update.