Importing a camera from 3dsmax (2014) to Keyshot 4

Started by revel68, March 13, 2014, 02:08:50 PM

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Hi. I was wondering how to import a camera in from 3dsMax to Keyshot.

The end goal is to be able to have the same render in both packages so that I could post things together on  a still image in Photoshop.

Thank you.



I brought in an FBX that contained my camera and the geometry for my characters helmet.   When I go to that camera you can't even see the helmet at all in the Keyshot scene.  I also tried other methods. Changing the settings for resolution. bringing in things individually. I tried a few different methods and it just isn't working out.

Sadly I was told around the time that 4 was going to be released that there was proper 3dsmax to Keyshot camera support along with proper geometry.  I really had my hopes up for that. I require that for the work that I do.

Hopefully they will get this working properly in the future.  The goal is not to get a random camera into Keyshot for the sake of it. I can't imagine people wanting that.
The true goal is to be able to bring in a camera that is the same as it is in 3dsmax so that the renders would line up.   

I look forward to future iterations of Keyshot where this is possible!


is there still no plugin available for this yet?


There is a plugin, but it will not bring in the camera information. You will need to use FBX for that.