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camera undo / edit undo

Started by PhilippeV8, March 20, 2014, 06:41:45 AM

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Dunno if this 's been suggested before.

How 'bout doing like in SketchUp where you have sepparate option to undo camera change and option to undo any other change ... could be handy.


You mean like the setting in Preferences where you can choose whether to include camera motion in the UNDO stack?


No .. like you move your camera, then you move an object, then you change a texture.  Have an option "undo camera change", so that the object & texture change remain, only the camera move is restored to the previous.  Or if you undo other changes with the normal undo, the camera doesn't move.


Philippe, do you mean a completely independent undo stack specifically for camera changes? If so, I think I agree that this would be handy. I like to get my composition how i like it (camera position and settings, DOF if required, objects positioned where desired) then I tweak materials and lighting. When I'm tweaking materials and lighting I often accidentally nudge the camera. My bad for not saving the camera by this point, or not locking it.

To be honest this isn't a major issue though - it just dictates that I should work a bit more carefully.