Nurbs Mode?

Started by Robb63, June 01, 2014, 07:04:11 AM

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If I use the plugins in Rhino, or SolidWorks to launch Keyshot 5 and bring in the data, is that bringing the data in as "Nurbs" or the standard meshed way? I've just brought a file into KS5 from SW using the plugin and I can't check the "Render Nurbs" box in settings or at the top of the screen. Is that because it is already in "Nurbs" mode?

I notice in the standard importer that you can tell KS5 to use the Nurbs data, just wasn't sure how the plugins are handling this, and I don't see anything in the manual about it.


Just tried the Rhino version of the plugin, and noticed it has a check-box to "Include Nurbs". So I guess my original question is more for SolidWorks now


Nope. SW plugin doesn't do NURBS yet.



We are going to work on this capability shortly, and we will likely need some beta testers for it.