CONTEST: Automotive art using KeyShot.

Started by Doug Didia, November 02, 2014, 05:49:54 AM

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Hi BlueForm, if you are using KS5 or 5.1 there is already a pure white HDRi in the Environments list :)


Doug Didia

Hi all,

Everyone approaches a sample or an assignment differently. I was recapping my own  personal workflow when I start a job. The "soap car" look lets me look at vehicle placement in an environment in a unique way. Camera lens choices, draw on the vehicle. Perspective choices. Twist and even different placements within the same background as in examples A and B. I am not distracted by reflections or material can get off track too easy at this early point. It also forces the eye and your customer to look at the flattering design of the car itself as well as the content, tangents and scale. Once you are happy or get approvals at this "comp" point you are in the ballpark, proceed to finish and you can tweek it till the cows come home.

Sorry you got focused on the term " ambient occlusion" . I believe that was a Maya term maybe...but you get my point. Hope this helps .


Will Gibbons

As everyone else has said Doug, thanks for sharing. It's fun learning how others approach their work. Cheers and great work!


Great job Doug! Congratulations on the 1st place!!!!