Suddenly Keyshot shows 0 cores

Started by gauravs, January 26, 2015, 10:42:53 PM

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Hi everyone,

i am using a core2 machine and using Keyshot from more than 6 months. Everything was working smoothly. Due to some window files corruption i need to install the window again. But after installing new window i noticed that keyshot is not running smoothly and slow. I also noticed that now it shows 0 CPU cores which is not true. Before installing windows it was showing 2 cores. I reinstall Keyshot two times. But no luck. Can someone please help me in this matter how can it be resolved.


Hi gauravs,

What exactly are you referring to when you say "It shows 0 CPU cores"?


Hi Rex,

Thanks for your help. I m attaching a snapshot. Please have a look. As you can see Keyshot in my system shows 0 cores. Previously it was 2.


What are the specs of your OS, machine and cpu? Is it hyperthreaded? I suggest contacting [email protected] to help you troubleshoot the issue.