KeyShot for ZBrush Installation

Started by overthere, January 30, 2015, 01:28:49 AM

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THANKS 1vezsy! That was exactly it! The settings in Keyshot to activate live linking was not checked.

I am happy now ;-)


Chad Holton

Quote from: bisenberger on February 02, 2015, 03:13:39 AM
Quote from: thomasteger on January 30, 2015, 04:19:57 AM
You can install it on 2 computers, but can only have one activation at a time. You can easily transfer the license between the 2 installations.
What is the process for transferring the license between the 2 installations?

Please make sure both machines are hooked up to the internet first.

1. On your old system, go to Help/KeyShot>>About and write down your
serial code.
2. Go to File>Deactivate license. That will free up your license.
3. On your new system, you'll just need to run KeyShot, fill in the form
and your serial code.

It should be able to then automatically activate, but should it fail, you
can create a license request file to send to us for manual activation.


I bought keyshot for zbrush yesterday but I am still a bit confused.
On the page it says, "all keyshot features".
But I am having a hard time finding the render passes (layers) and the hdr editor. so... are those features not included? am I missing something ?
I am trying to find it on the documentation but as far as I can tell  it does not specify what should be on the keyshot for zbrush.


Hi Celso. It includes all features for KeyShot HD, so passes and HDR Editor are not included.


Thanks Josh.
I just think this should be more clear.
When it says:
"All KeyShot features, including material and lighting presets"
Is a bit misleading.
I wish at least the passes were available. not having it made me regret buying it.
(its my fault, I could have used the trial version first) 


Quote from: akiefer on February 02, 2015, 03:41:29 AM
THANKS 1vezsy! That was exactly it! The settings in Keyshot to activate live linking was not checked.

I am happy now ;-)


you are welcome, totally know the feeling  :)


KeyShot for ZBrush and ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge are super cool!  8)
Great combination, Thanks Pixologic and Luxion


going to system preferences --> security and privacy--> general look for allow apps downloaded from and change it to anywhere...

This did it! Thanks. I was able to open the extra content!


I just want to say thanks to Luxion for Keyshot for ZBrush. I know a lot of work went into this.
As one of those who tested the excellent ZBrush/Keyshot 4 Goz beta, the Bridge system is miles better and is what many of us wanted for a long time.
Thanks again lads.



I'm loving Keyshot for Zbrush!

Did have a couple of questions if anyone could help out.

1.  Can you render over 72 dpi?  I set it to 300 DPI but the psd file I got was 72.

2.  When I rendered with transparency I only got my model and a transparent BG.  Where is the BG plate?  I couldn't find it.  Does transparency render leave off the BG picture completely?


@1. The output file is always 72dpi. You will need to change it in PS.

@2. Yes.


Thanks for your answers.

Ok so the DPI is just sort of a calculator so you know what it would be in print res?


Yup - exactly. We are looking at adding the ability to render out at the set DPI resolution in KeyShot 6.