problem importing creo 3 -> ks5 (forever & eating memory)

Started by sleby, February 01, 2015, 11:20:05 PM

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I have a problem importing data from creo 3 to keyshot 5. I just takes forever to import large assemblies and creo just takes up all my memory when i try to import geometry to keyshot.
It used to work fine with previous versions of creo and wildfire 5, but since i have updated to newer plugins (because i got creo 3) it just doesn't work as it should. I still have an older version of plugin for wf5 and for small parts it imports almost instantly and for large assemblies (like 4 gb and more) it does it under a minute. But with newer versions it takes about a minute for only a more complex part!
Is there any way to download previous versions of the plugins so i could try if the problem is really in plugins? I am not sure if there is an older version for creo3, but for creo2 would also work. Because now the only option for me is to import geometry from wf5, but most of our clients have already switched to a newer versions of creo.


Chad Holton


Just a few questions:

What version of KeyShot are you running exactly (found under Help>About)?

What date is the keyshot_creo3_plugin.dll file in the plugin folder? Path will be something like:
C:\Program Files\KeyShot5\Plugins\Creo 3.0 64bit

What tessellation value is the plugin using?




Thank you for your answer but I think I have just found where the problem was.

My system disk was almost entirely full (only 1.5 GB free) because my pagefile was almost 30 GB big!
I have now moved the pagefile to a different disk and everything seems to work fine again.
I only do not understand how it all worked ok when importing from WF5 but not from Creo.

Thanks again for your help and if it turns out it was not the pagefile problem i'll let you know.