Which processor to go with i7 6700K or i7 5820k

Started by ace cool, December 12, 2015, 01:55:51 AM

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ace cool

Hey Friends,

I am going to build a PC but i am little bit confused between those two processor in every benchmark 6700K beats 5820k but as we know more cores means faster renderings in keyshot so please suggest me which one will be better here is what i'll be doing with this solid works for modeling and keyshot for rendering.

I am also thinking to add a GTX 970 4GB GPU ($500 in India) does it worth to invest in it as keyshot doesn't even use it.



This really depends on what kind of work you are dealing with most of the time. I'm not familiar with Solidworks so I can't comment on its multithreading functionality.
Most 3D applications I know/use (ZBrush, Modo, Maya) are still very much single threaded programs. So tasks like modeling, deformations, rigging/animation etc. will most likely benefit more from higher clock speeds which the 6700K will give you. SideFX' Houdini is able to multithread some simulation tasks...so does Maya 2016 with rigging simulation but via the GPU.

Rendering will give you almost linear scaling with each additional core though. If rendering is what you do most of the time, get more cores. If it is modeling etc. look for higher CPU speed I'd say.

The GTX 970 is a nice card. Even if Keyshot doesn't use it for rendering, as it's the case with many renderers out there, it will give you great viewport performance nonetheless. 
It would be interesting to know if Luxion evaluate GPU rendering though.