Pressed papper with matte coating

Started by willemwever, November 29, 2020, 05:56:58 AM

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I have been playing around with Keyshot for a few months now and I've just upgraded to the Pro (10) version to unlock (amongst other things) the Material Graph and RealCloth, mainly to be able to create two somewhat similar materials that I have been struggling with for way too many hours already. I hope you guys can help me get going in the right direction, please note that I am not an experienced user so forgive me if I'm not familiar with the terminology of the pro's.  :)

1. Pressed paper with matte coating

This is a kind of pressed paper with a texture that resembles a diamond texture often seen on aluminum sheets. I've tried many diferent materials but I'm not even getting close. The hardest part is getting the matte coating that scatters light very uniformly in all directions but also the inverted texture is a pain...

This was my latest try (screenshot, not a rendering) but as you can see it fails in multiple ways. The biggest problem is the inconsistent reflection of light, on the left side the material is extremely dull and matte but the right side has extremely jagged reflections.

Now I know I should finetune the setting for noise etc. but I'd rather get the rest fixed first before getting into the details. I tried using RealCloth for the bump but I coudln't get the output of the RealCloth connected as in input for bump.

2. Coated silk dome

This is an actual Silk weave but again coated in a way that I simply can't seem to reproduce in keyshot.


First problem is again the coated surface but another big problem is the mapping of the weave. I now have it set to Box but I've tried all other settings and they where not better. The weave does not seem like it was pressed from a single piece of cloth rather it appears to be put together from different pieces.
I could have done a better job with the black plastic and making the weave look more realistic but as long as I don't know how to get the coating and the mapping right it seems like a waste of time to me.

I've also tried RealCloth for this dome and in the beginning it seemed hopefull but the mapping around the outer "roll" is just wrong (compressed) and then the material "collapsed" before I could make a screenshot. That happened to me before, the material just seems to cave in at some point and undoing your last change does not reverse that, no idea why that happend.

I really hope you can help me here, even a link to a helpfull tutorial or thread is appreciated. I already found this in the manual covering clear coat and anisotropy on generic material:

And this on clear coat on the forum: