Label Warping & Moire Issues on Cushion

Started by jakesround, December 31, 2020, 05:45:47 PM

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Hi there, I'm making some visuals for a cushion textile brand.

I have got a RealCloth preset to replicate the linen they use but it's creating this awful 'moire' antialiasing issue when the scene begins to render up. There are a few replies online on how to fix it but I'm having no luck.

I am also adding in their textile pattern as a label on top of the fabric which I will convert to a material to replicate the stitching, but it's warping where the cushion starts to bend and curve (more noticeable towards the bottom). I have tried 'planar' and 'cylindrical' mapping types but none of which fix this issue.

I would appreciate any response to these issues. Many thanks.


Anindo Ghosh

For the warping issue, please try the UV mapping type.

For dealing with fabric moire patterns, rendering at 1.5 times the desired final resolution, and then resizing down, seems to work for me. I am sure there are better solutions out there, but that's my quick-and-dirty approach.


hello jakesround,
as Anindo Ghosh already pointed out, UV unwrapping your cushion and UV mapping the texture is the way to go here, although in this particular case you could adjust the angle of a planar mapping to avoid the bending of your texture, in case you have trouble with UV unwrapping. However UV mapping will work with all camera angles...

as for the Moiré effect:
the suggestion from Anindo Ghosh might help, but this effect here is caused by the fabric in combination with your image size. my first question would be, if you would need the fabric texture in an image like this. You are so far away from the cushion, that you cannot see the texture anyway, so you might as well just leave it off in pictures, that are not really close up (and save render time as well..)
one of the divine rules in CGI is: it is enough, if it is convincing !


Anindo Ghosh

About the UV unwrapping: I believe OP created the cushions in Marvelous Designer. Marvelous does an excellent job of UV mapping, I've found that it works seamlessly with KeyShot UV mapped textures. So no extra effort there.