keyshot 10 displacement maps bugs

Started by Witharanage_Suranjith, March 05, 2021, 02:20:35 PM

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keyshot 10 displacement maps bugs
This works very well on keyshot 9 and does not work on keyshot 10.


Well interesting , I have faced similar kind of troubles with displacement , I delete and then rebuild all the material node excactly the same way and it was working after that (strange), also experiencing crash with ks 10 scene that I have tried to open with 10.1 & it look that it was a displacement trouble (so I desactivate the displacement node on ks 10 and then reload with ks 10.1 working  ???), there is some stange random bugs on 10.1 :-[...


I have the same problem. Displacement maps work fine on Keyshot 9 but Keyshot 10 doesn't work. Is it the only way? Rebuild all the nodes?
My Keyshot version is 10.1.82.