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Started by evilmaul, February 11, 2015, 06:52:46 PM

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hey guys,

kind of a urgent question. I am loading into KS a maya scene with simple (static) geometry and a camera (animated and have imageplane or backplate for each frame), all seem fine but the camera has no animation on it. is it normal?

Then I tried fbx and that would import camera animation as well but it's not behaving has in though I am not sure the fbx has written all the info needed as the end log reports this warning:

"One or more objects in the scene has local axes that are not perpendicular to each other (non-orthogonal). The FBX plug-in only supports orthogonal (or perpendicular) axes and will not correctly import or export any transformations that involve non-perpendicular local axes. This can create an inaccurate appearance with the affected objects:

any idea how to solve this?



Yes, it is. FBX is your solution.

We also have an Alpha version of a plugin for Maya that will take in the part and camera animations directly. Contact me directly if you are interested.


thanks Thomas, will flick you an email. For now we have solved the camera so that it doesnt have any rotation in Z (that seemed the problem in KS)