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Materials / Re: Realistic skin material
« Last post by luis.alcala86 on October 06, 2022, 12:03:10 pm »
Hey Will,
Its always a treat when we post and we have a reply from you. I will give all of those suggestions a go and see what comes out of it. Currently battling Covid, this thing sucks, so I will be offline for a bit. I will post my findings after I recover a bit.

PS: maybe a future tutorial for your YouTube channel jajaja. Not sure how many times I have watched the videos on your channel.
Amazing Shots / Re: Product Visualization Exercise 2 (Compilation)
« Last post by Tommyc on October 06, 2022, 10:45:12 am »
Lots of nice stuff here! :)

Thank you! Your tutorials and tips have been really helpful!
I agree that seems likely, but I have also switched computers twice since beginning to use Keyshot (3 total computers). Seems like it would be difficult for a bug to impact multiple computers, unless it was a known issue with Keyshot 6, given that I'm downloading install files from Luxion each time and freshly installing.

I was curious if anyone else had experienced similar issues as I can't seem to find any posts about it. The program still works for me, I just have to type a bunch of extra 0's in front of everything...
Textures / Re: Gradient: Curve / Map type, how to use?
« Last post by RRIS on October 06, 2022, 04:41:36 am »
Ahh ok, that helps, thanks Will!
Textures / Re: Gradient: Curve / Map type, how to use?
« Last post by Will Gibbons on October 05, 2022, 05:55:20 pm »
Someone may correct me, but I'm pretty sure 'curve' in this case is referring to curves used as hair in particle systems... wanna render a cat? Or someone with hair? In some cases those import as 'curves' in KeyShot I think. And the color gradient would be used to control the color of the appearance of those curves. Maybe? Regarding Map type, I think that's for driving the gradient with one of the first 4 items listed under 'texture' in when adding a texture node in the material graph: i.e. Texture Map, Tiled UV, Tri-planar and Video Map.
I'm guessing someone will chime in with a more concrete answer, but to me this sounds like a bug. And if you haven't updated the software in nearly 7 years, that'd be the first thing to try. I've not had issues with scale personally with my models, so I think it sounds like an old bug to me.
General discussion / Everything too large? Requires Small Decimal Place Adjustments
« Last post by cmurray on October 05, 2022, 11:28:55 am »
I've had an odd issue with Keyshot ever since I installed it, and I can work around it, but it's finally annoyed me enough to hunt for a real solution. For whatever reason any adjustment I make to texture scale, part movement, or lighting has to be by a tiny tiny decimal amount. To better explain, if I want to move a part, I have to move it by 0.0001 or else it rockets out of the environment because the scale is so huge. Similarly, if I create an area/point light, I have to set the wattage to .000001 or something otherwise it's blindingly bright. And like the other examples, any texture/bump map I use has to be scaled to .0001 or similar or it looks like there are mountains covering the part.

This has been true on every model I've ever imported for years, regardless of whether it's set to mm or inches, etc. I typically use Solidworks to model, but have imported parasolids, STEPs, IGES, etc. all with the same result. Is there some crazy setting I messed up somewhere along the way or what? It's just frustrating deciding whether a brushed texture should be scaled to .000001 or .000002 to look right...

I'm running Keyshot 6.3 Pro (yeah, I know I'm behind), but it was a genuine license purchased direct from Luxion and I upgraded it once with no change to behavior.
Amazing Shots / Re: Theragun PRO - By Therabody
« Last post by sloanelliot on October 05, 2022, 10:19:13 am »
Thanks, guys! Really appreciate it :)
Textures / Gradient: Curve / Map type, how to use?
« Last post by RRIS on October 05, 2022, 07:41:14 am »
As the title says, I'm not sure how to use the Curve / Map gradient type and what types of inputs it uses. I've tried playing around with it, but so far it seems to do nothing?
The manual is less than helpful: "Use the drop-down to choose a gradient type that suits your needs."
SOLIDWORKS / Re: KeyShot 11 Add-in for SOLIDWORKS - Now Available
« Last post by Josh3D on October 05, 2022, 07:09:34 am »
An update for the KeyShot 11 for SolidWorks add-in is now available.

View the installation/release notes

As always, please report any issues you find to [email protected]
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