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I have the same question so I'm of no help unfortunately. Rendering at 3840 x 2304. default 4k preset for KS. What's weird is after rendering the same shot multiple times with tweaks in between, the render progress screen will sometimes show the rendering happening or just stay black. I'm not patient enough to stick around to see if it finishes. In my experience it never does and keyshot will ultimately crash.

Rendering in GPU mode
cant be for the lack of memory but maybe it is?

nvidia g force 3080 (10gb)
nvidia g force 2080ti (11gb)

64g ram

ryzen 9
Amazing Shots / '65 Ford mustang interior shots
« Last post by rusty_radio on Today at 01:15:29 pm »
Some detailed shot for the '65 Mustang project that I was working on.
Let me know what you think about them.
PS. Enjoy the clay to keyshot
Animation / Re: Yacht Animation
« Last post by Arcadia on Today at 11:33:33 am »

Thanks designgestalt
I figured I was asking too much, but not being very experienced in animation programs I was hoping there was a possibility.
But I would like to at least try to make a short test animation.
Which route would you recommend me to use?
I have the 3D model created with Rhino and rendered, in a static way, with Keyshot; for a first test do you recommend me to use Blender, Cinema 4D or Houdini?
that's more/less the method I was trying but cannot get it to apply evenly to all surfaces.  I've attached an IGES to show you what I mean. The top profile is what I'm needing to be radially machined.
Amazing Shots / Re: Caustics Series (latest; No.004 - Bi-Concave Lens)
« Last post by INNEO_MWo on Today at 08:55:10 am »
I can watch this animation in an endless loop with some relaxing music all day long. Great job!
Hello Jason.

I would use an anisotropic material type with radial roughness and a tweaked wood texture for the bump.
Attached you'll find a simple scene with the material as a KeyShot 10 file.

Hope that helps


I'm running into issues trying to apply an accurate diamond cut finish to a complex radial surface. I've tried using a modified wood texture but that seems to only apply to certain sections of the surface, and doesnt look exactly correct.  Radial brushed doesnt achieve the look either.

Amazing Shots / Re: Caustics Series (latest; No.004 - Bi-Concave Lens)
« Last post by seal5326 on Today at 07:56:04 am »
Genius work keyshot is the best caustics renderer i have seen for a while! with spectral capability
General discussion / Re: spectral caustics
« Last post by seal5326 on Today at 07:54:16 am »
Demerz how is this so good WTF
General discussion / Re: KeyShot Essentials Scene ?
« Last post by Morgan on Today at 06:43:38 am »
Hi Flex,
delete the number $8068 and search models scroll down and you will find the scene.

Best Regards
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